People-Counting Solutions Using CCTV Cameras

Keep track of people entering and exiting a building, a room, or other areas. Our technology accurately counts the number of visitors in any video feed from your existing cameras. Get valuable insights about foot traffic, space usage, and customer behavior patterns.

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Accurate people-counting under any conditions

We provide computer vision solutions for counting the number of people in a variety of settings, including retail stores, airports, and public events. Our technology is based on state-of-the art models that are fine-tuned to deliver accurate results with any type of camera.


Optimize staff allocation by quickly adapting to changes in foot traffic and visitors


Reduce delays by monitoring passenger flow and forecasting service usage

Public Events

Prevent overcrowding and identify potential issues before they become major problems

Your use case

How will you use people-counting technology to improve your operations?

Computer vision solutions designed around your needs

We create highly optimized computer vision solutions for small and large companies. Whether you have just a few cameras or thousands of cameras, we will provide you with a solution designed to be scalable, secure, and cost-effective. We also provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your system is always up and running.

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CCTV Compatible

Our technology works with your existing CCTV cameras, so you get started without additional hardware.

Custom AI Models

Always Accurate

We leverage custom-trained AI models to ensure that you get perfect results in any condition.


Seamless Integration

We do all the work to integrate our solutions with your IT infrastructure and existing software.

Why our customers love our solutions

White-glove support

24/7 monitoring and maintenance

Flexible deployment options

IoT, on-premises and cloud deployments

GDPR & CCA Compliant

Redaction of personal information available

Future-proof technology

Flexible solutions that adapt to your needs

“We have been using Stura’s technology for people counting and footfall analysis. The accuracy and reliability of the results have been really impressive”

Gustavo Lemos

CEO, Mediar Solutions

“We have been using Stura's technology for airport passenger flow analytics. The accuracy and stability of the technology makes it very promising to develop indoor monitoring applications for the aviation industry”

Antonio Correas

Co-founder / Chief Product Officer, Skymantics

“Stura provides us with computer vision algorithms for our smart cameras. Their technology is highly optimized and very accurate. We are excited to keep working with them on our next generation of boards for advanced video analytics at the edge.”

Sylvain Bernard

Founder at SIANA Systems