Powerful Video Analytics from CCTV Cameras

We have created a technology capable of detecting, counting, and tracking the movements of people in CCTV videos. It's fast, accurate, and can be easily integrated into any analytic platform.

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: San Diego, California (Main Office)
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Cost-Effective Tracking

Achieve best-in-class accuracy without installing expensive sensors. Our proven AI technology can track people in CCTV videos with the same accuracy as dedicated sensors. Get started right away, and save time and money!


Always Accurate

We guarantee accurate results with any camera, under any lighting conditions. Our installations are continuously monitored for data quality and fine-tuned to match any changes in your environment.


GDPR Compliance & Seamless Integration with Your Analytics

We support easy integration with most data analytics platforms running on the edge, on premises, or on the cloud. Furthermore, we ensure compliance with GPDR and CCPA laws and provide easy ways for you to audit the output of our algorithms.

Technology in Action

People Counting

Estimating the number of people indoors or outdoors

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Footfall Analysis

Monitoring the location of people over time

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Queue Monitoring

Measuring wait times at cash registers and entrances

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Access Control

Monitoring access to restricted areas

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