Stura partners with selected companies to create state-of-the-art video analytics solutions. Our target markets are retail, building automation, and the recreational sector.

We offer technology for:

People Counting

We provide solutions for counting the number of people in specific camera views. Our technology works with most existing cameras, including CCTV cameras.

people counting example

Example of people counting application © Stura, Inc.

Footfall Analysis

Stura employs state-of-the-art algorithms to analyze space occupancy in video streams. For reporting purposes, each person is assigned a system generated ID. The ID is not related to any personally identifiable feature (GDPR compliant). More specifically, we do not use facial recognition. We deliver anonymized data containing (Person ID, time, x, y, z ) tuples. Based on the application, the data is delivered either in real time or at the end of the day. The supplied data can be further processed to extract key metrics such as total number of people and their dwell times.

footfall analysis example

Example of shopper behavior analysis © Stura, Inc.

Queue Monitoring

We monitor queues at cash registers, entrances, and other areas of congregation. Our technology can cope with challenging lighting conditions or sub-optimal camera angles. We provide data in real-time via REST API or custom notification. We also provide historical data for offline analysis and statistical reporting.

queue monitoring example

Example of queue monitoring at a cafeteria © Stura, Inc.

Access Control

Our customers use Stura’s technology to deliver mission critical access control applications. We process authorization codes from badge readers, RFID and other types of sensors. These external inputs are matched to video for rapid identification of all the persons entering or exiting a building. Tailgating and other suspicious activities are also detected using computer vision.

access control example

Example of access control in a office building © Stura, Inc.

Getting Started

We are happy to work on new projects. Please drop us a message on our contact page.